i'am not fanatic on KPOP. because i don't understand what did they sing totally. what i know just typical word as greeting words like ' annyeong ' . i'am have been watching many korean drama but depand on the plot of that story. #funny #romantic #horror #action yes i did. like IRIS II, CITY HUNTER, MY PRINCESS and whatsoever. i'm an elector. i may choose which drama i want to watch. usually i'll look up the actors or actress first. then, i'll take a look on the total of its episode..i'am glad if its only 16 episodes or maybe 20 episodes. but if  it's 24 episodes i'll consider to watch. now i just want share the drama i've been watching.


what is all about ?
is about a young lady as a scandal reporter given a task to interview the personal life of prime minister. eventually she got involve in scandal issues with that prime minister and decided to marry the prime minister because of her father that want to see his daughter getting married before he died. she also did the decision to bar the resignation of prime minister. in other words to help the prime minister. day after day, she noticed that she was already fall in love with the prime minister while the children (prime minister's child) already begun to like her. what's the next ? how about the prime minister ?
don't forget to watch the next episode..i'am also can't wait to find out..

i like yoona that's why i watch this drama, also the hero which is as a prime minister i hve seen before this on IRIS II.

#funny #romantic


  1. nice blog , done following you back :)

  2. dah follow balik.... =)
    im not fanatic on KPOP to... but i've been watching many Korean Drama... bergantung pada jalan cerita jugakla.. hehe,, skrg tgh tgu full episod cita The Inheritors dari my friend... hehe

    1. that story also i had watch.. :) #kimtan

  3. thanks follow me . done follow back . Prime minister and I x pernah miss setiap hari ahad 1.03 petang channel one 393 . Romantic comedy yg awesome gitu ...

  4. mcm best je. .hee. .i also not a big fan of kpop. .tp part drama mmg layan la. .skrg tgh layan flower boy next door. . :)

  5. I'm watching this drama too! 2 more episodes to go before the final episode.

    Sebelum ni tak teringin pun nak tengok sebab ada Yoona (I'm not a big fan of idol turning actor) tapi bagi chance sebab nak tengok Yoon Shi Yoon. Tapi, lepas dah tengok suka Lee Bum Soo (the Prime Minister)