downton abbey is my favourite drama on DIVA UNIVERSAL 702. the first series in late 2010. but i'am starting watch this drama on series 3 which is in 2012-2013. memang best sangat, because i love this kind of story like princess story, full of history, classical, living in a castle..oh really ! i love coming up next is downton abbey season 4 on THIS FEBRUARY. huhhh ! can't wait to find out..hihi !
downton abbey is a british period drama. what i UK the series 4 is already showed. but is asia series 4 is airing on this february. believe me you will fall in love with this drama :) x maw cakap banyak, if you want to know deepen about this drama klik here downton abbey

jom cuci mata with DA posters :)

as you know, this downton abbey drama is taking place in HIGHCLERE CASTLE ENGLAND. memang sangat cantik highclere castle ni..pengembaraan drama downton abbey totally dalam istana ni..highclere castle is one of england's most beautiful victorian castle. i hope one day i would be here...cehh ! because LONDON is one of my inspired country... alright jom tengok sini highclere castle

i'am looking for downton abbey dvd series...ada x ? because i don't have much time to spend in front of tv. semester break dah nak habis..kat hostel mana ada tv wehh..lagi2 astro..haha ! youtube? not much better..


  1. Suka sangat dengan lagu So Cold the same time sedih gler..haha

  2. since I didn't find chat at here.. i gonna comment here :P hehe
    thanks follow me, i follow you back dear ^^

    btw nih cerita lama ke.. alamak.. mcm best je.. tak pernah tgok... >____<
    link drama dia ada tak?
    nak cari mmg pemalas ya amat dah nih XDD hehe

    btw that castle was so beautiful!! that garden have lavender... awww and i like green environment ^__^ hehe

    1. yes past series on 2010. but it's continuos until series 4 this year 2014..let's watch it..on february on diva universal :)

    2. wow... series 4 already... need to find the link ahaha XD
      thanks.. I'll watch this.. favie this drama :3

      btw welcomes ^__^

  3. hai. sori menyemak kat komen. tak jumpa chat. hehe. ade dear ^^

  4. saya memang x pasang chat..hihi !