ANAK-anak diibaratkan sebagai kain putih. Mencorakkan anak- anak ialah tugas dan tanggungjawab ibu bapa. Keadaan sekeliling serta pengaruh kawan dan rakan sebaya juga merupakan pembentuk kepada peribadi, perwatakan dan gaya hidup anak-anak. Apabila anak- anak tersilap dicorakkan akan menjadi masalah kepada ibu bapa.

as you now..globalization was occurred in this era with more vibrant and sustainable development. how it's spreaded ? certainly by the ICT force like social network. but today i don't mean to elaborate the effect of globalization on economic, politic ,  but i'll emphasize the effect of globalization on children. in other words the effect of social network on children.

how can i expect to write this issue on my blog ? while i was on vacation at my hometown , i was suprised when i saw a child about 9 years old hold a smartphone. actually it's not the first time, i have been seen that kind of children with smartphone much before this but at city. now i thought the globalization was spread much than i expect. yes i admit it's good for people because the sophistication will help their daily lives, like the says ' dunia tanpa sempadan ' and ' langit terbuka ' . BUT, in term of growth on children , i think parents should not let their children involve in social network since they were children and primary schooling. if the reason is available for the children look up for information and lesson, absolutely NOT TRUE !. the task to look up the information and lesson is on the TEACHER. what we called, GIVE AND TAKE. given by teacher and taken by pupil . unlike in university there is no such give and take. so, can you make comparison, why parents should not let their children involve in social network ? For me, just enough for the games.

more bad influence on their environment and interfere the growth of children to be educated with good values. the children should be close up with tradisional manner and values. NOT SOCIAL NETWORK.
because it's the beginning for them to face borderless world in future and be a next generation with more values and can distinguish which good or bad.

progress of internet is one of aim in globalization. we know that internet spread more information either is't good or bad. in the bad side, like pornography. this is serius issue . as we see on social network or news, how could the children started misbehaving , hurl abusive words ? i had experienced about this situation, children hurl abusive words. where did they learn it? from they parents ? not is't ?
absolutely from the social network, the movies they have been watch , and so on.

just a question, when your child that aged below 10 years old want to make social account like facebook, could you approve it ?
i have yet to become a mother and i have no little brother or sister but in my view there is no reason for parents to approve that kind of child to get involve in social network. because i was worry about they growth and environment.

just to conclude it, globalization is good for economic but not really on social especially CHILDREN. the best way for their growth is tradisional manner and values rather than approach them with stupid social network.

'we want the next generation come out with more values'

thanks for read :)