hye semua !

selamat mcm mana puasa korg setakat ni? full x ? hihi..
w0w ! i'm so excited..bcoz x sabar mau raya...
in the meantime....i'm actually busy with my preparation for admission of university..and preparation of this Eid soon...y0wwww ! excited..excited..excited
below is my To-Do-List...check out !

* i hve to make payment for my registration of enrollment to university...wish me luck peeps ! i'm so excited here to be student again...yeahh ! yeahh ! yeahhaaaa ! :D

* likewise, i hve to make medical check up before self-report on september yawwww ! i hve to test urine, blood type, height, weight and so on....

* i hve to updates my's so burden me..bcoz so many steps i hve to follow up..but doesn't matter..

*likewise a bit document left to prepare...hmm !

* most making cookies and biscuit..yaww ! for EID soon..excited uolls..

* shopping ! shopping ! shopping !

* modified car ( still in discussion )

alright that's all...

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