i hve fallen in love with a wrong person !

hye readers !
once upon a time i fell in love with the WRONG PERSON ! ouchh ! DAMN !
macam mana boleh jadi??? jangan tanya, aku sendiri pun x tahu..bcoz the love is blind ! cehh !
bukan cinta yang buta, tapi aku yang buat hati...hehehe ! sudah ku pujuk hati ini, JANGAN ! JANGAN !
TAPI, tetap berdegil yaa.. haha ! now SEE ! huhu i deserve it
mungkin TUHAN mahu menguji aku. jangan salahkan tuhan, tapi bersyukurlah tuhan sudah tunjukan kebenarannya.
THE TRUTH HAS BEEN REVEALED. aku hanya berserah. dont worry there have plenty more fish in the sea..AHAHA ! boleh gituu yeee :D

hey ! we should love, not fall in love. because everything that falls gets broken ! haha !
betulah.., not fall but love !
now i realize, how's hurt when i got fallen with the wrong person.
actually, that man, tiada salah apa pun..orang yg jatuh ni made a big mistake ! haha !
well, never hope with him again..just let he go..yaa go ! go ! go ! :D

THANKS taylor swift!

i hve tell my heart..i can't fly ! but my heart didn't listen what my brain thinking...
the brain said NO ! but the heart said YES ! GO AHEAD..hahaha !
dear heart ! please tell me the truth next time..yeahh ! don't let me fallen in love with the wrong person.
you surely know how tall that building?? i don't want to be hurt again..

HAHAHA ! when i'am thinking what i hve done...it funny and i laugh at myself :D
but, mistake would help us to find THE RIGHT PERSON
keep calm and SMILE :)

thanks !

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