hye readers ! apa khabar?
well, uolls surely pernah dengar lagu ' BANANA PHONE ' kan..this it's so cheerful :) very funny :D
i always listen to this song when i'm bored, and tension..hehe !
apa yang membuatkan video ni lucu sangat, ialah time a little cute girl make cover of this song while hold a banana, then her father just ignore her...haha ! betul-betul lucu and adorable uolls :)
mesti ramai yg dah tengok kan..because the rate of this video very high..and mostly are enjoying this video.
eventhou uolls dah tengok, but i just want to share and update, bcoz i love it so damn..hehehe !
her father expression, oh god ! something weary and annoying, but inside mayb he want to laugh of his daughter...hahaha !
and the little girl look very internalize..i sound that she's be good to be a comedian...hahaha !
very adorable and funny :D let's watch it again...

hahaha ! i love the kid :)
below is the real video of banana phone's song

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