mengapa kucing sangat istimewa???

assalamualaikum, now i want to share about cat cat cat ! cat is my life...dari kecik sampailah dewasa suka sangat dgn kucing :) i don't understand why some people dislike these cats??? 0oh! why why why?? cat is cute..but, mayb they're tickled or takut kena cakar kot..funny! cat will not scratch ok, isn't tiger or lion...
it's spoilt, cute eyes, hihi! i like MARU. it's origin from japan..i got u soon maruuuu ! ok, now mengapa kucing sangat special?? adalah sedikit info yg bole i share for all cat's fans...check out!

1. cat can run with speed above 30 kilometers perhour (short distance about 30 miles perhour)'s hearing more better than dog & can hear high frequency sound till two oktaf more high than human.

3.based on biology, cat's brain similar with human brain.even in it's brain exist one part that similar with human brain which is don't hurt your cat..hihi!

4.the cat can jump five times than it's high

5.the first astronout of cat is FELICETTE from france in 1963. amazing right! can make more than 100 vocal sound, while dog only can make 10 vocal sound. will closed it's eyes when it's happy and chill :)

ok how is't??? 
anyway thank for read :)